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Nicholas Feilen was the Old Colony Greenhouse Manager. The Old Colony Railroad Hothouse and Nursery complex was located on Plymouth Street opposite the Sturtevant Cemetery. The business was conducted on both sides of the street and today, in the…

This is a photo of Darius Holmes wife, Sally. Darius was a Deacon in the Halifax Congregational Church.

Blacksmith Jared Baker and neighbors seated in front of the Blacksmith Shop. Left to Right: Amos Wood, Orville Cole (also a Blacksmith), Charles Frye (standing) and Jared Baker. Mr. Frye is seen smoking a pipe. Photo was taken in the 1940s

Aroline Soule led the movement to establish Halifax's Soldiers' Monument for Civil War Veterans. Her son, Charles W. Soule, died at Newberne, North Carolina in 1862 at the age of eighteen.

Shows style of clothing from the early 1900's as well as hair style.

Top Row: Hope Wood, Bertha Rich, Helen Thompson, Mary Estes, Sarah Baines, Nettie Prime. Middle Row: [?] Whitney, Abbie Thompson, Effa Wood [?], Carrie Bourne, Carrie Hayward, [?] Jewitt. Bottom Row: Elsie Tilson, Nettie Bourne, [grandson] Wood,…

Black and white photograph of employees of the metal company of G. C. Clark in South Halifax. The company made many signs that were used by the town, some of which are on display at the Museum of Halifax.
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