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Historic Photographs of Taunton

Staples Coal Company- Ward(32).jpg

Sample of some of the photographs available in the Taunton Public Library's A. L. Ward and Louis H. Benton collection.

Preserving Plainville's Past


The Plainville Public Library, the Plainville Historical Commission, and the SAILS Library Network have collaborated to create a collection of  photographs of Plainville and its residents for the SAILS Digital History Collection.  The Library and the Historical Society have held scanning parties at the library.  Plainville residents who wanted to share their family history brought photographs  to the library for scanning.   The scanned images were transmitted to the  SAILS Library Network where detailed descriptions were added. The images and descriptions then uploaded into the SAILS Digital History Collection. These images are now available on that website as well as  on the Massachusetts Digital Commonwealth and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) websites.



The flowers have begun to bloom and softball and baseball season has begun.

Lets celebrate spring.







Collection of photographs from Holmes Public Library and West Bridgewater Public Library

Winter Scenes and Christmas Celebrations


A collection of photographs of Winter scenes and Christmas celebrations.