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Old Home Day "Woodmobile and Portable Woodsaw" demonstrations behind the Congregational Church. Carriages and Carriage sheds as well as the fashions in 1900 can be seen. The "Hayward" house and Central School are in the background.

Climbing the greased pole during Old Home Day celebration in the back of the Town Hall - 1900.

Old Home Day Fair on the East side of Halifax Town Hall

Shows style of clothing from the early 1900's as well as hair style.

Top Row: Hope Wood, Bertha Rich, Helen Thompson, Mary Estes, Sarah Baines, Nettie Prime. Middle Row: [?] Whitney, Abbie Thompson, Effa Wood [?], Carrie Bourne, Carrie Hayward, [?] Jewitt. Bottom Row: Elsie Tilson, Nettie Bourne, [grandson] Wood,…

Wood-shingled carriage sheds. House in the background is Hayward House. The Central School is further in the background.
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