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"Pope's Tavern" from the corner of South Street and Plymouth Street. The "outbuildings" have been taken down. Today this building is used for the Council on Aging (2013).

This is Pope's Tavern. Today it is used for the Council on Aging. (2013)

Drawing of Dunbar Tavern by Mrs. Clifton (Iola Sturtevant) Taft, 1961

Oil painting of Dunbar's Tavern, West of the Halifax Elementary School as it looked circa 1735. The Tavern was torn down in 1896. The likeness was drawn by Nellie Sturtevant Taft, great, great granddaughter of Deacon Samuel Sturtevant.

The Packard Brothers founded a store on the land directly opposite the Town Hall. Provisions, grain for farmers, the Post Office and weighing scales made up the major part of their business. There is a coach to the right with someone inside and a…
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