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Drawing of Dunbar Tavern by Mrs. Clifton (Iola Sturtevant) Taft, 1961

Oil painting of Dunbar's Tavern, West of the Halifax Elementary School as it looked circa 1735. The Tavern was torn down in 1896. The likeness was drawn by Nellie Sturtevant Taft, great, great granddaughter of Deacon Samuel Sturtevant.

Halifax Congregational Church, with iron fence, carriage sheds and hay scales, circa 1900. The Congregational Church was built in 1852. The fence around the church was designed from a fence in Kingston.

Moritz Schindler standing on the porch of the Monponsett Inn.

Trunk Meeting House (1853-1913) The Trunk Meeting House got its name from the ceiling that "rounded like the lid on an old-fashioned steamer trunk." The church was located in South Halifax on the corner of Fuller, Wood and Cedar Streets and burned…
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