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Deed from Stephan Bryant, Yeoman to Barnabes Briggs, July 15, 1773 for a cost of 7 pounds. Signed by Stephan and Rebecca Bryant. Witnessed by Moly Bryant (x) and Gamiel Bryant. Purchased from Austin Bean[?] on April 20, 1770.

Map of Halifax, Massachusetts 1879. On bottom of map shows dimension of Silver Lake measured in the ice. Frame (rope-design) was made by Leonard C. Washburn from mahogany and taken from the wreck of the side-wheeler (steamer) "Lady of the Lake"…

1879 Map of Halifax, Massachusetts showing residences, roads, lake, ponds and rivers

1908 Plainville Elementary graduating class.

Children in photo are Ruby Burton, Ivy Burton, Helen Fied, Clarice Nash, Isabel Bartlett, Alma James, Franklin, Ruth Hinton, Doris Pond, Ida Corbin, Helen Crotty, Hazel Quirk, Alice Nullaney, Ruth…

The 1929 Plainville High School Basketball team.
Front row - W. Sherman, A. Myers (Captain), R. Root (Manager) , R. Cobb

Back row - H.C. Maxim (Coach), V. Young, M. White, A. French, V. Franklin, W, Roberts.

Team lost 6 games and won 6 games…

1930 Plainville High School Basketball team.

Front row - Vinnie Franklin, Vernon Young

Middle row - Milton White, Charles "Gint" Breen, Captain Myers, Clifford Kip Woodward,

Back Row - Howard Gay, Coach Archie Walden, Donald Grant.

Miss Robbins 1935 Eighth grade class at Plainville Elementary School

Telford Marathon, Boys Race on May 13th 1939 on South Street, Plainville, MA. Sign in background "Home of the Old New Englander and Puritan Braided Rugs."

1974-75 class photo of Lorilin Nursery School located in Plainville, Massachusetts.

South Attleboro Tournament, Plainville Athletic League, Softball, All Stars,

1st row: Melissa Dynan, Deanith Nelson, Cheryl Fisher, Pam Barton, Donna Popovski, Cindy Curtis, Barbara Birkbeck, Michelle Beesaw

Second Row: Mrs. Fisher, Amie…
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