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Cohannet Mill no. 3- Ward(35).jpg
Cohannet Mill no. 3 was located on Ingell Street, on the corner of Weir Street.

The W.M. Mason Estate- Ward(41).jpg
William Mason's Estate was located on Winthrop Street, between Highland and Harrison Streets. It is no longer there.

Cohannet Mills, Nos. 1 and 2- Ward(33).jpg
Cohannet Mills were located on Adams Street.

Staples Coal Company- Ward(32).jpg
The Staples Coal Company was located at 10 West Water Street. It is no longer in business

The Corr Manufacturing Company- Ward(31).jpg
The Corr Manufacturing Company was located on Middleboro Avenue in East Taunton

Atlas Tack Company's Works- Ward(30).jpg
Pictures of Atlas Tack Mills 1 through 4. Mills number 1 through three were located in Taunton. Mill number 4 was in Fairhaven. Mill 1 at 19 Spring Street is now an apartment complex.

Mason Machine Works- Ward(29).jpg
Mason Machine Works was located on Oak Street. It is no longer there.

Whittenton MFG. CO.- Ward(28).jpg
Whittenton Manufacturing Company was located at 437 Whittenton Street. There are now many small businesses in its place.

Bristol County National Bank Building- Ward(27).jpg
Bristol County National Bank was at 43 Taunton Green. The building is now a business.

City Hotel, Nemasket Inn_ Raynham, Mass-Ward(26).jpg
The City Hotel is no longer there. It was on the corner of Broadway and Taunton Green. The Nemasket Inn was in Raynham, MA.
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