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The Greenwich Bleachery- Ward(39).jpg
The Greenwich Bleachery was owned by Peter Corr, and was located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

The First Congregational Society- Ward(12).jpg
The First Congregational Society is now called The First Parish Church. It is located at 76 Church Green on Summer Street between Main and Spring Street.

The Armory- Ward(9).jpg
One of two armories, this one was located on 82 Weir Street

Post Office-Ward(2).jpg
This Post Office preceded the current Post Office. It is located at 37 Taunton Green. It was constructed in 1893-1897 but was demolished in 1930.

Taunton Lunatic Hospital- Ward(19).jpg
Taunton Lunatic Hospital at 60 Hodges Avenue. It has been renamed Taunton State Hospital.

Taunton Iron Works- Ward(37).jpg
Taunton Iron Works was located on the corner of West Water Street and Fifth Street.

Taunton High School- Ward(20).jpg
Taunton High School in 1886 at 72 Washington Street. The building is now a medical office.

Court House-Ward(1).jpg
The Court House is located at 31 Taunton Green

Taunton Boat Club House- Ward(52).jpg
The Taunton Boat Club House was located at 15 Dean Street. It is no longer there.

Staples Coal Company- Ward(32).jpg
The Staples Coal Company was located at 10 West Water Street. It is no longer in business
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