West Bridgewater Public Library's West Bridgewater Historical Postcards


West Bridgewater Public Library's West Bridgewater Historical Postcards


The West Bridgewater Public Library postcard collection. This collection consists of 233 items covering life in the town, activities of the people, activity on the Town River, historic scenes, and buildings all approximately 1914.

Collection Items

West Bridgewater Fourth of July Parade
Three women and a man in automoble decorated for parade on Howard Street; Mr. and Mrs. N.G. Shaw in front seat; l to r rear seat Irene Alger (Mack) and Gladys Packard (Cole)

Center School<br /><br />
Combined grammar school classes of 100 students photographed

Old Mill on Crescent Street
Old Mill on Crescent Street in winter with dam showing

Howard Street<br /><br />
Howard Street as dirt road showing Howard Seminary, Drury Hall and Packard Hall in distance ; looking east from curve on Howard Street

Grange Building <br /><br />
South side of Grange Building which is current day Town Hall

Champs, Howard High School
Howard High School, 1919 women's basketball team.

No Bottom Pond<br /><br />
Scene of No Bottom Pond behind Pine Hill Cemetery

Town River<br /><br />
Town River looking upstream from dam with Carriere house on right; two canoes on river

Dining room in Drury Hall
Interior scene with six tables set for dinner

Town River
Town River looking east and downstream with eight canoes
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