Fiske Public Library Helen Keller


Fiske Public Library Helen Keller


Items from the Helen Keller collection at the Fiske Public Library in Wrentham.

Collection Items

Elsie George's bathing suit
Elsie Winter George's bathing suit. Helen Keller spent time at the Winter family's home.

Helen Keller's bathing suit
Helen Keller's bathing suit that was found in the Winter family's boat house.

Collection of articles about Annie Sullivan from various newspapers.

Contents: My dreams / from Century Magazine Nov. 1908 (pages 69-74) -- An apology for going to college / from McClure Vol. 25 June 1905 (pages 190-196) -- A great human / from The Critic Magazine Vol. 48 May 1906 (pages 404-405) -- Physicians juries…

Various articles, letters, photographs, and documents about the Sullivan/Keller museum.

Collection of newsclipping from various local newspapers.

A timeline of Helen Keller's and Annie Sullivan lives.

A letter to the Christian Record by Helen Keller

A letter from Samuel L. Clemens to Helen Keller.

Articles about the Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan house in Wrentham Massachusetts

Collection of articles about Helen Keller from the New York Times between the years 1890-1904.
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