Taunton Public Library A.L. Ward Photographs


Taunton Public Library A.L. Ward Photographs

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Dr. Silas Presbrey and Bartlett Peirce homes
Dr. Silas D. Presbrey home is located at 103 Weir Street. Dr. Presbrey is deceased. Bartlett C. Peirce home is located at 216 Somerset Avenue. Bartlett C. Peirce is deceased

Mrs. Fannie Phillips and John Montgomery homes
Mrs. Fannie W. Phillips home is located at 10 White Street. Fannie W. Phillips is deceased. John F. Montgomery home is located at 19 White Street. John F. Montgomery is deceased.

Herbert Morse and Charles Buffington homes
Herbert O. Morse home is located at 81 Winthrop Street. Herbert O. Morse is deceased. Charles H. Buffington home is located at 175 High Street. Charles H.Buffington is deceased.

Herring Fishing
Fishing along the Herring Run

Taunton Boat Club House
The Taunton Boat Club House was located at 15 Dean Street. It is no longer there.

The West Silver Plate Company, Frank O. Willard, Florist, Williams Stove Lining Company, and Taunton Oilcloth Company
The West Silver Plate Company was located at 31 Winthrop Street. Frank O. Willard Florist was located at 151 Weir Street. The Williams Stove Lining Company was located on West Water Street. The Taunton Oilcloth Company was located at 92 Wales…

The Greenwich Bleachery
The Greenwich Bleachery was owned by Peter Corr, and was located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Williams Stove Lining Company
Williams Stove Lining Company was located on West Water Street.

Taunton Iron Works
Taunton Iron Works was located on the corner of West Water Street and Fifth Street.

Presbrey Stove Lining Company
The Presbrey Stove Lining Company was located at 212 Somerset Avenue.
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