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George Estes's General Store can be seen in the left hand corner of the post card.

Driver leaving Box Mill with load of shoe boxes headed to shoe factories in Brockton, Bridgewater or Middleboro. Workers can be seen in background on loading dock and another wagon waiting to be loaded.

In the late 1900's Watson H. Willett and his sons built and operated the Brockton Store located on Plymouth Street, across from the Holmes Public Library. In the early 1940's it was operated Harry Minor, Sr.

Man with wagon heading onto White's Island.

Dubby Point is located by Silver Lake

Shows a way of life for the farmer in the summer months. They are bringing in fresh hay.

Holmes Public Library with G. Harry Armstong's store on the right. Delivery wagon and horse beside store on the left. Getting ready to make a delivery.

Photo of the 1905 "Old Home Day" celebration. There is a "woodmobile" demonstration taking place behind the Congregational Church. The portable wood saw was a hugh draw for the gentlemen in attendance. Note the carriage sheds. These were used on…

Load of sawdust in Palmer Mill Yard. Fred Timmes is behind the wagon

Men, horses and carriages are hauling lumber in front of the Palmer Lumber Yard barn
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