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The "Trunk Meeting House" stood on the corner of Wood, Fuller and Cedar Streets. It was built in 1821, burned down on July 3, 1913.

Picture taken about 1903 of Hilda Morton and the Sargent sisters on the left and in front of the Town Hall. Lloyd Morton is Hilda's brother. They are all standing on Plymouth Street.

Pictured is the "Old" Town Hall on the invitation to the 1907 Grange Fair and Old Home Day Celebration.

Pictured is the "New" Town Hall built in 1907 after the old one was destroyed by fire early in 1907. This photo was taken about 1968. Note the "watch tower" on the top of the building. During the war residents took turns sitting up there watching for…

Looks like a resident "recycled" last years invitation to the Grange Fair and Old Home Day being held for 1908, the 1907 date being crossed out.

Halifax's first "Central" school built in 1905. Up to that time the town had 4 buildings still standing that were used as one room schoolhouses. It was custom for the students to attend the building nearest their residence. This building is now used…
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