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This poem was written for the Halifax Grange in 1926 by E. E. Fuller of Brockton, Massachusetts.

Dedication of live Christmas Tree in front of Town Hall. The tree was planted by the Halifax Grange on December 5, 1938.

Pictured is the "Old" Town Hall on the invitation to the 1907 Grange Fair and Old Home Day Celebration.

Looks like a resident "recycled" last years invitation to the Grange Fair and Old Home Day being held for 1908, the 1907 date being crossed out.

Planting Christmas Tree, 1938. Front of Town Hall. Erected by the Halifax Grange. Left to Right: Jared B. Baker, Edwin Dutton, William Ladd, Master of the Halifax Grange, Rev. Warren Leonard, Charles T. Nicol.
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