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Nettie Bourne, Nettie Thomas, unknown and Lester Bourne.

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The building located across the lake was built by A. R. Parker for his ice cream stand. Later it was known as "Toto's" Restaurant and today it is a private home.

This house is on Pratt Street in Halifax, Massachusetts. It was the only house on the street at the time and belonged to Otis Pratt. The street was named after the Pratt family.

Three bridges, River Street, east towards A. Angus house. The bridges cross over the Winnetuxet River.

Church and original Meeting House, prior to 1906. At the time this was considered the center of town. The Civil War Monument and the Halifax Town Hall (original Meeting House) can be seen from the intersection of Plymouth Street and South Street.

Halifax Congregational Church and the "new" Town Hall with carriage sheds in back, wrought iron fence around Civil War Monument. The new Town Hall was built in 1907 near the site of the First Meeting House.
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