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Contents One-Quarter U.S. Standard Barrel - E.H. Kingman Company Boston, Mass. Distributors - Cape Cod Cranberries Thorobred - Kingman Cranberry Company - North Carver, Mass.

1/8 U.S. Standard Barrel Cranberries - White Springs Brand - Cape Cod Cranberries - Grown and packed by White Springs Co. So. Carver, Mass.

One Quarter U.S. Standard BBL. Cranberries. Cape Cod Cranberries Grown and Packed by Crane Brook Co. South Carver, Mass.

1/4 U.S. Standard Cranberry Barrel. Finest - Selected - Quality - Pride of Carver Cape Cod Cranberries. E.F. Harju Grower and Packer, So. Carver, Mass.
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