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six whales.png
"Cargo Landed. Six great whales are seen lying on the dock at Spitzbergen and another is visible in the harbor."

chareles morgan shrine.png
The bark Charles W. Morgan with crew members cutting blubber from whale lashed to side of ship.

worlds fair exhibit.png
Bark Progress of New Bedford at Rotch's North Wharf before being towed by the tugboat Right Arm to Quebec in preparation for exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

a pursuer of moby dick.png
Whaling bark Platina in New Bedford harbor.

spermwhaling the chase.png
Black and white photograph of lithographic print of whaleboats in pursuit of sperm whale.

spermwhaling the capture.png
Black and white photograph of lithographic print of men in whaleboat lancing a sperm whale.

seamens bethel the whalemans chapel.png
Shows a sign.

Black and white photo of 7 different harpoons. Harpoons from the collection of F. Gilbert Hinsdale, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

the grampus.png
Black and white photo of engraving "THE GRAMPUS" showing killer whales, one in center foreground, 2 others in background; ships and rocky cliffs on horizon line.

whaling masters.png
Cover of Whaling Masters published by Old Dartmouth Historical Society-New Bedford Whaling Museum, with half-tone Whaling group photo of captains of the Stone Fleet.
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