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Various articles, letters, photographs, and documents about the Annie Mansfield Sullivan Foundation.

Photograph of Helen Keller with Alexander Graham Bell -- Photograph of Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan with Mark Twain and Lawrence Hutton. -- Various photographs of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan.

The Story of My life Part V.pdf
9 pages of typed manuscript with editor notes in margins.

New York Times Articles Combined.pdf
Collection of articles about Helen Keller from the New York Times between the years 1890-1904.

Articles about the Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan house in Wrentham Massachusetts

A letter to the Christian Record by Helen Keller

A letter from Samuel L. Clemens to Helen Keller.

A timeline of Helen Keller's and Annie Sullivan lives.

Articles about Helen Keller.pdf
Collection of newsclipping from various local newspapers.

Various articles, letters, photographs, and documents about the Sullivan/Keller museum.

Articles by Helen Keller.pdf
Contents: My dreams / from Century Magazine Nov. 1908 (pages 69-74) -- An apology for going to college / from McClure Vol. 25 June 1905 (pages 190-196) -- A great human / from The Critic Magazine Vol. 48 May 1906 (pages 404-405) -- Physicians juries…
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