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Weir Stove Company- Ward(34).jpg
The Weir Stove Company was located at 133 West Water Street.

Court House-Ward(1).jpg
The Court House is located at 31 Taunton Green

Post Office-Ward(2).jpg
This Post Office preceded the current Post Office. It is located at 37 Taunton Green. It was constructed in 1893-1897 but was demolished in 1930.

Old City Hall- Ward(3).jpg
The Old Court House and Registry of Deeds are located at 11 Court Street. Old City Hall was built in 1848. Present City Hall front was built in 1896. It is located at 15 Summer Street

City Square-Ward(4).jpg
City Square is located east from Taunton Green

City Hall Square- Ward(5).jpg
City Hall Square is located at 13-19 Summer Street

Church Green- Ward(6).jpg
Church Green which is the junction of Main and Spring Streets.

Broadway- Ward(7).jpg
A view on Broadway in Taunton.

Central Fire and Railroad Station- Ward (8).jpg
Central Fire Station is located on the corner of School and Leonard Street.

The Central Railroad Station is no longer there but was in the general vicinity of Mill River Place in Taunton.

The Armory- Ward(9).jpg
One of two armories, this one was located on 82 Weir Street
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