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Residence of Mrs. Fannie W. Phillips, Residence of John F. M.jpg
Mrs. Fannie W. Phillips home is located at 10 White Street. Fannie W. Phillips is deceased. John F. Montgomery home is located at 19 White Street. John F. Montgomery is deceased.

New Winslow Congregational Church- Ward(13).jpg
The New Winslow Congregational Church is no longer there. It was located at 61 Winthrop Street between High and Harrison Streets. The historic Gothic and sandstone church has been torn down. The new building is Baptist Church of All Nations.

Old City Hall- Ward(3).jpg
The Old Court House and Registry of Deeds are located at 11 Court Street. Old City Hall was built in 1848. Present City Hall front was built in 1896. It is located at 15 Summer Street

Presbrey Stove Lining Company- Ward(36).jpg
The Presbrey Stove Lining Company was located at 212 Somerset Avenue.

Residence of Col. Fred Mason, Taunton Historical Society- Wa.jpg
Photos of the residence of Colonel Fred Mason and Taunton Historical Society. Colonel's Fred Mason home was located on the corner of Spring and Summer Street.

The Taunton Historical Society was located on 7 Cedar Street but is now located at 66…

St. Mary's Church- Ward(11).jpg
St. Mary's Church is located at 78 Broadway

Staples Coal Company- Ward(32).jpg
The Staples Coal Company was located at 10 West Water Street. It is no longer in business

Taunton Boat Club House- Ward(52).jpg
The Taunton Boat Club House was located at 15 Dean Street. It is no longer there.

Court House-Ward(1).jpg
The Court House is located at 31 Taunton Green

Taunton High School- Ward(20).jpg
Taunton High School in 1886 at 72 Washington Street. The building is now a medical office.
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