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Winthrop Club, Nemasket Mills- Ward(25).jpg
The Winthrop Club was located at 1 Church Green. It's now a business. Nemasket Mills was located at 96 Old Colony Avenue in East Taunton. It is now an apartment building.

Bristol Academy, Old Whitmarsh House-Ward(24).jpg
The Bristol Academy is located on 66 Church Green. It is now the Old Colony Historical Society. The old Whitmarsh House was in Dighton.

Residence of Col. Fred Mason, Taunton Historical Society- Wa.jpg
Photos of the residence of Colonel Fred Mason and Taunton Historical Society. Colonel's Fred Mason home was located on the corner of Spring and Summer Street.

The Taunton Historical Society was located on 7 Cedar Street but is now located at 66…

Union Block- Ward(22).jpg
Union Block is located 1-39 Main Street, on the corner of Weir Street.

Wheaton Seminary, Taunton Green- Ward(21).jpg
The Wheaton Seminary was located in Norton, Mass

Taunton High School- Ward(20).jpg
Taunton High School in 1886 at 72 Washington Street. The building is now a medical office.

Taunton Lunatic Hospital- Ward(19).jpg
Taunton Lunatic Hospital at 60 Hodges Avenue. It has been renamed Taunton State Hospital.

Morton Hospital- Ward(18).jpg
Morton Hospital is located at 88 Washington Street. At one time, this was the home of Marcus Morton; Governor of Massachusetts

First Presbyterian Church, First M.E. Church- Ward(17).jpg
The First Presbyterian Church had been converted into an office building on Washington Street, on the corner of Governor Street. The First Methodist Episcopal Church is no longer there and was on Weir Street near First Street.

Grace M.E. Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church- Ward(16).jpg
The Grace Methodist Episcopal Church was located on Weir Street, on the corner of Somerset Avenue. St. Thomas Episcopal Church is located at 115 High Street.
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