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Whittenton Car Barn.bmp.jpg
In front of the Whittenton Car Barn, corner of Whittenton and Warren Street in 1884.

Standing from left to right: Mark Brown, Mike Russell, (unknown), Joseph Lucia, (unknown). In buggy, William Rogerson

Westville Mill At Cohanne c.1907.bmp.jpg
Westville Mill at Cohannet Street, near Winthrop Street. Picture of three-story wooden building and a part of a single story brick building along waterway with falls in view.

Mill was preserved and restored through a Massachusetts Arts Lottery…

The View at Weir Bridge, 1897.bmp.jpg
The View at Weir Bridge 1897. B. Kiernan Custom Boots & Shoe store in the background.

Corner of Main and Weir Streets c.1870.bmp.jpg
Corner of Main and Weir Streets, looking at the Taunton Green, about 1870.

Note the trolley tracks and brick paved streets. The post office and court house can be seen in the background.

Preserved and restored through a Mass. Arts Lottery…

View at Whittenton Junction on the New Haven Railroad, showing former passenger station and switch tower. 1908.bmp.jpg
View at Whittenton Junction on the New Haven Railroad, showing former passenger station and switch tower in 1908.

Trefethen-Redfern House.bmp.jpg
Trefethen-Redfern House is a Dutch Colonial Revival style home and was located at 60 High Street. In the late 1920s, the building was dismantled and carried to West Springfield, where it was re-erected.

The Quigley Brothers Bakery Cart.  taken in Easton, about 1910.  The driver is identified as Peter Royal..bmp.jpg
This is a horse drawn carriage for the Quigley Brothers Bakery driven by Peter Roya. It features their company slogan Has No equal.

The photo was taken some where in Easton Massachusetts about 1910.

The Old Colony _ Newport Railroad Station.bmp.jpg
The Old Colony & Newport Railroad Station at the corner of Dean and Arlington Streets.

Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing Company.bmp.jpg
Taunton Locomotive Manufacturing Company buildings. The company was also known as the Taunton Locomotive Works.

Taunton Branch Railroad Depot.bmp.jpg
Taunton Branch Railroad Depot which was located at the corner of Wales and High Street.
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