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Taunton Branch Railroad Depot.bmp.jpg
Taunton Branch Railroad Depot which was located at the corner of Wales and High Street.

Taunton and Fall River trolley car.bmp.jpg
Taunton and Fall River trolley car. The Old Colony Street railway at 2nd crossing on Weir Street about 1908.

Steamboat Tryall.bmp.jpg
Steamboat Tryall on the Taunton River in 1880. The Tryall was a stern wheel steamer that plied the River.

Shadrach Sherman House 1885.bmp.jpg
Shadrach Sherman House at 169 School Street in 1883.

Richard Godfrey house 1906.bmp.jpg
Richard Godfrey House at 62 County Street between Taunton River and Williams Street (on left) , 1906. It is colonial style home with a 1-1/2 story wood frame structure, a side-gable gambrel roof (with two gable-roofed dormers), a central chimney,…

Reed Homestead.bmp.jpg
Reed Homestead at 262 Highland Street. Razed 1944. Standing left to right is Cora Reed, Filo, Clara, Mrs. Reed. and seated is Mrs. Reed's mother.

Peck and White Carriage Factory c.1870.bmp.jpg
Peck & White Carriage Factory (or Manufactory as noted on the sign) on Weir Street, circa 1870.

Preserved and restored through a Mass Arts Lottery Grant 1988

Padelford Barstow House 1908.bmp.jpg
Padelford-Barstow House 1908

Original Taunton Brance Railroad Station on High Street, circa 1850..bmp.jpg
Original Taunton Branch Railroad Station on High Street, circa 1850. It was erected in 1836 and destroyed by fire December 25, 1865

North Side of Main Street.bmp.jpg
North Side of Main Street, between Trescott and School Streets, 1895. The store on the corner (Perley's) was the site of the first Taunton Woolworth store
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