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Negative of an unidentified Great Grandmother with 2 children taken in Jamaica Plain in 1935.

Negative of 5 people on a blanket at Bungay Lake, North Attleboro Massachusetts.

Negative of an unidentified three generations of a family taken in 1945 in Jamaica Plain.

Negative of an unidentified mother and her 4 children by a tree. It was taken in Jamaica Plain in 1937.

Negative of an unidentified person kayaking on Bungay Lake in North Attleboro.

Negative of an unidentified Grandmother knitting outside somewhere in Boston taken in 1945.

Two unidentified girls swinging at Bungay Lake in North Attleboro.

2 photographs of Stan Myers taken Memorial Day in May of 1938. Stan is dressed in his Boy Scout uniform. Another photograph is Stan with the other members of his Boy Scouts troop,

Photograph of the 1938 Memorial Day parade in Plainville. Pictured in the photograph are Stan Myers, Bub, American Legion Color Guard, Drum Core, The Plainville Rug Company is seen in the background.

Plainville Fire Department taken on May 30, 1954. Pictured in photograph are Charles Boceu, Everett Skinner, R. Bomar, Alden Raminell, Don McAlpine.
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