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Written in Italy in the fifteenth century, probably a Ferial Psalter for Franciscan use. "Inclinavit dominus" is the opening antiphon for Feria 2 (Monday); its incipit here is followed, as is typical, by Psalm 114. It seems likely, therefore, that…

Historiated initial 'T' showing the martyrdom of two saints.

On the recto, a two-staff-high initial [T] of scrolling acanthus in pink, red and blue, gold leaf and a blue background, St. Mark, dressed as a Bishop, being dragged through the streets by two men holding a cord tied to his feet, as another man…

In an initial [E], St. James and St. Philip standing with scrolls, for their feastday (1 May).

In an initial [S], the Presentation in the Temple, for the Feast of the Circumcision (i.e. the Octave of Christmas, 1 January): before the altar, the Virgin hands the Christ-child to St. Simeon; at the far left, Joseph holds the two doves for the…

Script: Written in a Gothic rotunda in black ink with red rubrics.
Decoration: A two-staff high floriate initial [V] (for "Vidi speciosam sicut," the first responsory of Matins) in shades of rose on gold leaf with acanthus scrolling slightly into…

Recto: two-staff high historiated floriate initial in colors on gold, with leafy border in colors with gold balls, The Slaughter of the Innocents: Two women hold their infants, one of whom is threatened by a knife-wielding servant observed by…

11-line initial [A] in blue with white filigree on gold, historiated with Aaron (at left, in Bishop's robes holding a censer) and Moses, plagues of frogs and locusts on the ground, both figures gazing at the face of God in the heavenly aperture…

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