Holmes Public Library (Halifax) and the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Guy S. Baker's photographs and maps


Holmes Public Library (Halifax) and the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Guy S. Baker's photographs and maps


This digital representation of the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Inaugural collection consists of more than 100 photographs and maps from the collection of Guy S. Baker.

The Holmes Public Library and Halifax Historical Society and Museum work closely together to provide interpretation and access to the collections.

Collection Items

Ye Old Cotton Mill, Built 1800<br /><br />
Located on the corner of Furnace and Plymouth Streets, this building was built around 1800; water rights were initially acquired by Deacon Samuel Sturtevant in 1728; a furnace mill which closed in approximately 1845; then became a shoddy and cotton…

Wood Homestead, Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Wood homestead on Thompson Street. The site is on the opposite side of the street from where Ebenezer Wood manufactured gravestones. The business is no longer there.

John Thomson home site on Thompson Street, Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
Dedication Proclamation for the original home site of Halifax's first settler John Thomson by the Halifax Bi-Centennial Committee. The Jabez Thompson site was dedicated in 1934

Power of Attorney, Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
Dr. Nathaniel Morton, Power of Attorney for Benjamin Carter of Rhode Island

Business Directory, Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
Your invitation to visit Halifax, Mass. The neighborly Town of Plymouth County.

1773 Deed.  Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
Deed from Stephan Bryant, Yeoman to Barnabes Briggs, July 15, 1773 for a cost of 7 pounds. Signed by Stephan and Rebecca Bryant. Witnessed by Moly Bryant (x) and Gamiel Bryant. Purchased from Austin Bean[?] on April 20, 1770.

A Social Party: Halifax Town Hall, Halifax, Massachusetts, October 29 [1880s]<br /><br />
A Social Party will be given at the Town Hall, Halifax, Wed. evening, Oct. 29. Under the management of C.E.H. & N.L.C., to which your company with ladies is solicited.

Kilroy&#039;s Christmas Trolley<br /><br />
Newspaper Clipping. "Kilroy's Christmas Trolley," by Richard Pritchett in Pictorial Living Colorado Magazine, December 12, 1975. Page 16. The Kilroy family lived in Halifax, Massachusetts

1879 Map, Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
1879 Map of Halifax, Massachusetts showing residences, roads, lake, ponds and rivers

1879 Map of Halifax, Massachusetts<br /><br />
Map of Halifax, Massachusetts 1879. On bottom of map shows dimension of Silver Lake measured in the ice. Frame (rope-design) was made by Leonard C. Washburn from mahogany and taken from the wreck of the side-wheeler (steamer) "Lady of the Lake"…
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