Plainville History


Plainville History


A collection of items about the history of Plainville from the Plainville Public Library.

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Lee Burton
Photograph of Lee Burton in his World War I military uniform,

United States Army Supply Office in Cérans France
Photograph of a United States Army supply office in Cérans France taken after the armistice.

Standing: Ray Contie, MacMahon, Geroge Mueli, Albert Werner, Sitting: Wesley Burton, Sargent Sullivan, Supply Company, United States Army.

101st Infantry, 26th Division in Cérans France
Photograph of members of the 101st Infantry, 26th Division taken in Cérans France France, after the armistice.

Pictured in the photograph are Sargent Butler, Cook Dooley, Sargent Sullivan, Willard Bullock, McMahon, Supply Company, US Army.

Unidentified concrete street in Plainville
Photograph of an unidentified concrete street in Plainville with a couple of 1920's cars.

Plainville Engine House
Photograph of the Plainville Train Station taken in 1916. A train from the New York & New Haven Railway is in the photograph. The train station was an engine house and had a train table.

Plainville Roundhouse
Plainville Train Station, New York, New Haven Railway, Roundhouse

Corner of South and School Streets after a snow storm.
Corner of South St. and School St. Plainville. Picture of a school, bank, post office and bank after a snow storm.

Plainville Train Station in 1916
Photo of the Plainville Train Station for the New York and New Haven Railroad Company.

Swimming in Bungay Lake
Photographic negative of people swimming in Bungay Lake, North Attleboro, MA

Negative of a child fishing on Bungay Lake
Photographic negative of a child fishing at Bungay Lake, North Attleboro, MA.
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