Nicholas Feilen, Halifax, Massachusetts

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Nicholas Feilen, Halifax, Massachusetts


Walden, I. G. (Photographer, Boston, Massachusetts)


Nicholas Feilen was the Old Colony Greenhouse Manager. The Old Colony Railroad Hothouse and Nursery complex was located on Plymouth Street opposite the Sturtevant Cemetery. The business was conducted on both sides of the street and today, in the early Spring, one can see traces of the many kinds of bushes and plants that were cultivated there, These were used for landscaping of the Old Colony Railroad Line.


Feilen, Nicholas

Old Colony Railroad Hothouse and Nursery (Halifax, Mass.)

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Black-and-white photographs

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10 cm x 16 cm.



Walden, I. G. (Photographer, Boston, Massachusetts), “Nicholas Feilen, Halifax, Massachusetts,” SAILS Digital History Collections, accessed September 20, 2014,

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