Rochester Community-Wide Historic and Architectural Survey 1997-1998

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Rochester Community-Wide Historic and Architectural Survey 1997-1998


Public Archeology Library, Inc.


Martha Fearing

Rochester Historical Commission


Volume 1 Area A thru G -- Area A Rochester Center -- Area B Eastover Farm -- Area C Haskell Neighborhood -- Area D North Rochester -- Area E Snipatuit -- Area F Macedonis _ Mattapoisett Rd. -- Area G Winslow Mill_-Hartley Mill Rounseville Rd.

Volume 2 Area H thru M -- Area H Bisbee Corner -- Area I Bowens Lane -- Area J Cowen's Corner -- Area K Douglas Corner -- Area L East Rochester -- Area M New Bedford Waterworks --Rochester Schools

Volume 3 Individual homes by streets -- Alley Roaad -- Braley Hill Road Bowen's Lane -- Burgess Ave. - Clapp Road -- Constitution Way -- County Road -- Cexters Lane -- Featherbed Lane Hartley Road -- High Street, Hiller Road Kings Highway

Volume 4 Marion Rd. -- Mary's Pond Rd. -- Mendell Rd. -- Neck Rd. -- New Bedford Rd.

Volume 5 North Avenue -- Perry Lane, Quaker Lane, Robinson Rd. -- Rounseville Rd. -- Ryder Rd. -- Snipatuit Rd. -- Vaughan Hill Rd. -- Walnut Plain Rd.

Volume 6 Cemeteries

Sherman Cemetery -- compiled by Martha Fearing

Volume 7 Final report.




Historic buildings -- Massachusetts -- Rochester.

Cemeteries -- Massachusetts -- Rochester

Sherman Cemetery (Rochester, Mass.)

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Public Archeology Library, Inc. , “Rochester Community-Wide Historic and Architectural Survey 1997-1998,” SAILS Digital History Collections, accessed September 18, 2014,

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