Looking back

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Looking back


Calder, Elsie G.


Hanson Arts Lottery Council

Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council


The Major's Purchase -- Old home week --Theodore Lyman Bonney -- Wamptuck Hall -- U.S Navy Crosses the Atlantic -- The Burrage Hotel --Hannibal G. Foster champion quilter -- Professor Timothy Drake -- Occupations of the first settlers -- Hanson's long ago newspapers -- Dana Moore Pratt -- Sham battle -- Dedication of the Memorial Auditorium -- South Hanson's most destructive fire -- Theodore L. Bonney Relief Corps. -- Carriage Painters -- Hanson's first "store keeper" -- Post office break -- Hanson's privateer -- Hanson's Improvement Society -- A service of remembance -- Conterfeit half dollars -- A History of Hanson printed -- Hanson's Soldiers Monument -- Breaking up of the moonshine still -- Hanson at the Marshfield's Tercentenary -- A salute to the Hanson Grange -- Hanson mail service -- Hanson' earlt quartets -- A gypsy wedding --Origin of the New England Thanksgiving -- Hanson firsts -- An old time country store -- Ivy Stone Farm -- Hanson's grammar school graduation -- Walter "P


Bonney, Theodore Lyman.

Foster, Hannibal G.

Drake, Timothy.

Pratt, Dana Moore, b.1870-1956.

Atwood, Walter "Pope"

Hanks, Benjamin, b. 1665.

Briggs, Seth Miller, b.1835.

Perry, Edward Young, b.1812.

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Calder, Elsie G., “Looking back,” SAILS Digital History Collections, accessed September 22, 2014, http://sailsinc.omeka.net/items/show/1017.

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