Raynham Remembers


Raynham Remembers


A collection of photographs of the Town of Raynham

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Gushee House
Gushee House located at 808 Pleasant Street built circa 1779. It is one of the oldest homes in Raynham.

Toby Gilmore House
Toby Gilmore House built in 1785 and is located at 1681 Broadway. It was the first home of Toby and Rosanna Gilmore.

Pratville School
Pratville School District #3 School built in 1847 which is located at 370 Broadway

May and Clifford Williams House
May and Cillford Williams House built circa 1916. Mildren Williams, A. Mae Williams and Walter Williams.

Milo Williams House
Milo Williams House located at 102 Judson Street built circa 1786. It has has a granite doorstep which came from the house of Robert Treat Paine who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Cassander Gilmore House
Cassander Gilmore House which is located near Pleasant and White Streets. The house is no longer there.

Cushman House
Cushman House located at 606 Pleasant Street built circa 1835-1855.

Henry Lincoln House
Henry Lincoln House located at 268 Carver Street.

Timothy Jones House
Timothy Jones House located at 355 Pleasant Street which is the oldest house in Raynhan built circa 1700.

Post Office
Post Office, Raynham Center located at 108 North Main Street which was demolished.
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