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Taunton Public Library- Taunton High School Yearbooks

Collection of the Journal Yearbooks from Taunton High School.

Holmes Public Library (Halifax) Postcard Collection


Collection of postcards from the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Collection.

Fiske Public Library (Wrentham) Wrentham High School Yearbooks

Collection of The Assembler Yearbooks from Wrentham High School 1954-1955.

Fiske Public Library (Wrentham) King Philip High School Yearbooks

Collection of The Chieftain Yearbooks from King Philip High School 1964-2012.

Holmes Public Library (Halifax) Marriage Intentions and Church Records


This collection of marriage intentions is archived by the Halifax Congregational Church and were originally recorded and signed by the Town Clerk of…

Fiske Public Library Joseph MacDougald Railroad Collection


Joseph MacDougald Railroad Collection housed at the Fiske Public Library.

West Bridgewater Public Library History Collection


Holmes Public Library (Halifax) Halifax Historical Society & Museum's Inaugural Collection


This digital representation of the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Inaugural collection consists of more than 100 photographs and maps from…

Carver Public Library Cranberry Label Collection


A collection of cranberry labels donated to the Carver Public Library by Clark Griffith.

West Bridgewater Public Library Howard Seminary for Women Collection


The Howard Collegiate Institute began its classes on October 2, 1883 for girls and young women. Funds to start the school were provided by Capt.…